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Deluxe Freyja Paring Knife (Full price: $500 USD)

Deluxe Freyja Paring Knife (Full price: $500 USD)


We are now taking orders for SEPTEMBER 2024. This payment is a non refundable deposit. This gets you on the waiting list, the final amount owed will be due upon completion and will have this deposit deducted from the overall amount. Full price: $500 USD


What happens next?

Upon receiving your order, we will be in touch to offer you our range of stabilised wood to choose from for your custom handle, and advise on the wait time for your order.

  • What's included?

    A custom paring knife is an often over looked but essential tool in any kitchen. It provides more precision and dexterity than any other kitchen knife can offer. Whether it is deveining a prawn, coring a tomato or simply poking the boiling potatos to check theyre cooked enough, the paring knife should be present in every kitchen.

    The Freyja design has the comfort of holding a bigger knife and yet delicate enough for all of the smaller tasks required of it. It’s unique shape is extremely ergenomic and has the aesthetics of elegance.

    (Our range of mosaic pins changes on a regular basis, this means the mosaic pins used on a knife you have ordered may not be the same as a knife seen on our website.)

    This style is customisable with the following features:

    • 4.5 inch blade
    • High carbon Swedish stainless steel blade
    • Hand filed patterns along the spine of the blade
    • Your choice of stabilised wood handle
    • A bolster made from stainless steel, copper or brass
    • Mosaic pins
    • Lifetime warranty

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