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Thor Cleaver (Full price: $700 USD)

Thor Cleaver (Full price: $700 USD)


We are now taking orders for SEPTEMBER 2024. This payment is a non refundable deposit. This gets you on the waiting list, the final amount owed will be due upon completion and will have this deposit deducted from the overall amount. Full price: $700 USD


What happens next?

Upon receiving your order, we will be in touch to offer you our range of stabilised wood to choose from for your custom handle, and advise on the wait time for your order.

  • What's included?

    Now here is a show stopper of a blade!!

    Our meat cleavers are a limited edition range, because finding the steel they are made from is like finding a pot of gold!

    Made from high carbon 50 year old saw mill blades, this steel has been hardened to between 59-61 Rockwell, so you will have no worries about this guy retaining its edge.

    We have left the heat treat patterns on the blade of each knife, these patterns are completely unique to each blade, making yours completely one of a kind, and retains a visual representation of the work involved in perfecting the steel for your use. We have also acid etched the “Viking Compass” into the surface of the steel, to make this meat cleaver really stand out.

    (Please note: This high carbon steel is not stainless, it will have to be appropriately maintained and oiled to avoid surface rust.)

    This style includes the following features:

    • 7 1/4 inch blade
    • A blade made from High Carbon steel
    • Heat treatment patterns on the blade, unique to each knife
    • The “Viking Compass” acid etched into the blade surface
    • Hand filed patterns along the spine of the blade
    • Mosaic pins
    • Your choice of handle from our range of stabilised wood