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Custom Commissions

Custom Commissions give you the opportunity to work directly with James, your Bladesmith to create a truly unique knife. A knife designed specifically for you, built for purpose and with aesthetic detail you'd be proud to hand down to the next generation.


"Our goal is to create highly functioning pieces of art with focused attention on quality, beauty and customisation"

Chef knife design
The Design

We work with you to design a knife to fit your wants and needs, with special attention focused on overall performance and longevity.

Chef knife materials

We discuss the wide range of material options available to you, from handle, liners, pins, bolsters and much more - to create a knife of beauty as well as functionality.

Custom chef knife design
Keeping you in the loop

We appreciate that this is an exciting and unique project to be involved in, so we ensure you are part of the entire process by offering regular photo and video updates of the build.

Custom handmade knife
A truly custom knife

Your new knife is now completed and ready to be shipped off to wherever you are in the world. We hope that this is a knife to be used and treasured for a lifetime.

"Absolutely amazing!! James is a true artist and was an absolute pleasure to work with in building my two knives! He is extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and walks you through the production of your knives! He's an artist at what he does. I can't wait to add to my collection."

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