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Our Story

At Goulder Knives, every one of our knives is a one of a kind, never to be reproduced. Each piece is crafted in our workshop here in New Zealand using custom built machinery and artisanal skills. From the handmade Damascus chef knife to the hand-sanded finish of the Native timber handle, each piece is finished with passion and precision.


Creating with a purpose is at the core of what we do here, the end product and its user is at the forefront of the design, forging, grinding and sharpening of each and every blade. To deliver a high quality tool, performing for you and your family, lasting to be handed down to the next generations. 


The market is flooded with low quality, "disposable" knives and this is what we aim to battle against, one knife at a time. 

Where it all began...

James has been passionate about knives since he was a young boy. He was lucky enough as a child to have his Grandfather "Poppy Goulder" live with him and his family whilst growing up.

Once a week, they would explore the Army Surplus store together. they started a collection, from bush knives to Swiss Army knives, but from then on, James was hooked. He learnt a lot from Poppy Goulder, how to spot quality steel, how to keep the knives in good condition and how to keep them sharp. 

James still has some from their collection today, and has since always appreciated the need for great quality knives. When he struggled to find a style of knife he was searching for, of sufficient quality, he decided to make his own.

Studying engineering is where his love for steel and creation pursued, fuelling his passion and inspiring further, his dream to dedicate his life to creating beautiful, handmade knives of the highest quality, using traditional crafts as well as innovative techniques and machinery. 


The term "Handmade" is used a lot these days, when we use it we aren't referring to gluing a handle onto a knife for you. Knife making is an age old tradition and one which we respect. 

We have remained stubborn in our practices and processes to ensure we can continue to supply completely unique, custom knives, made by hand with passion. Our knives are not production made which gives us the opportunity to focus our undivided attention on its individual creation.

James is incredibly meticulous, and ensures the highest quality of the materials which he uses and of the workmanship he puts into each knife. His inspiration and passion for his art is evident in the knives which he creates, built for its user in mind. 

Every knife made by Goulder Knives is a one of a kind, never to be reproduced. By doing it this way, we can ensure that every knife leaving our workshop is perfect, and we are proud to be creating quality knives that have the ability to perform for generations.

Built from a life long passion & dedication to creating blades of quality, designed to last the generations.

handmade in New Zealand, shipped across the globe.
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