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At Goulder Knives we build custom, artisan Chef knives and hunting blades. Designed for everyday use, built to last generations.

Our focus is on offering handmade knives with a dedication to quality which lasts a lifetime. Our knives are not production made which gives us the opportunity to focus undivided attention from the knife maker on each individual knife. 

Whether it's a handmade Damascus chef knife, or a traditional hunting knife with NZ native timber - we promise to deliver a high quality tool, which can perform for you and your family, lasting to be handed down to the next generation. 


We believe you deserve the knife you've always dreamt of owning, not to be limited to choosing from a pre made selection. As well as choosing your own handle material when ordering a custom knife, depending on the design you can also choose from our customisation options below. To make your knife that little bit more personal and unique to you.

Spine Patterns

By filing away steel by hand, these patterns are filed into the spine of the blade, adding a unique aesthetic to your custom knife.


The most important part of any knife. You can choose from one of our Stainless Steel, or High Carbon knives in the store or arrange a Custom Commission and have a blade of Damascus made especially for you,


Across our range of knives is the option of a bolster. this is the metal part at the top of the handle, joining the blade. You can choose from Brass, copper or Stainless Steel. 


Choose from our range of dyed, stabilised and natural NZ Native wood for your custom handle. Alternatively get in touch to discuss a Custom Commission for something really unique (like Fossilised Mammoth Tooth). 

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