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Why buy a custom knife?

You will already have an appreciation for design, performance and quality of knives if you've been bitten by the knife bug! So are you ready to consider the custom knife?

With custom, the price is higher, and the waiting list can sometimes be a test on your patience, so what's the big deal?

A custom knife is built for you

One of the more obvious advantages of a custom knife is that it is built 100% to your taste.

the design process ensures your custom knife meets all of your needs and expectations.

Whether you have your mind set on a knife with a particular look or know how you want it to perform, you get the last say in:

  • Steel types (stainless, high carbon, damascus)

  • Design (blade shape, bolsters, hidden/full tang)

  • Handle material (stabilised wood, mammoth tooth, antler, native wood)

If you have your heart set on a top performing chef knife or a beautifully designed steak knife set, you have the final say. Every detail and the finished product is built to perfection just as you wanted it.

Custom knife = Exclusive knife

There will be very few knives on the planet like it, when a knife is handmade and custom to your wants and needs. The number of knives produced by the maker per year is limited due to the time required to make a knife by hand. This means there will be a very limited quantity available. Partner this with the fact you have chosen the details around design and looks, your knife will be unique to you and never to be replaced again.


When you order a custom knife, you are guaranteeing personal attention from the knife maker. Mass production knives are built out of efficiency on a production line to keep costs as low as possible. This doesn’t necessarily detract from performance but the opportunity for the utmost quality and small details are lost.

When a bladesmith starts the process of making a knife they are considering you as the buyer in every step, and this level of attention to detail is incomparable.

Supporting a small business

Knife making really is a labor of love and although a this comes with a larger price tag this still doesn’t reflect the hours gone into its creation. When you buy a knife from a custom knife maker you are supporting someone who is committed to their passion and simply making a living. This passion for the build will in return provide you with a knife of outstanding quality. Built to your wants and needs and created with you in mind by someone who was genuinely excited to receive your order.

A custom knife can’t be conveniently picked up in a store, but they provide an opportunity for you to work with a craftsman in creating a functional piece of art. Something which can be used over and over again, until you pass it down to the next generation and say “this was made for me”.

Are you ready to start the process of creating your very own custom knife? View the process of creating a custom commission with Goulder Knives here.


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