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The humble Kitchen Knife

Possibly the most underrated tool in everyones lives. The knife has been a part of life for hundreds of years for those everyday tasks we couldn't do without.

The most consistent kitchen tool

There is something humbling about the kitchen knife. Throughout history very little has changed when you really get down to the true form and purpose. The knife has been depended upon consistently and is the same in its true nature, as it has always been.

How many times in an average day do you reach for some form of knife in the kitchen? Quickly slicing an apple, cutting your sandwich in half or carving the Sunday roast. The knife is consistent.
The treasured knife

I am always bringing knives into the conversation wherever I can, thanks to my life long passion for them. The relationship between an individual and a treasured knife is repeated over and over again. When talking to an elderly woman, she “rushed” to her kitchen when I brought up the subject of knives. She brought out an old, worn and humble kitchen knife which she was excited to show me.

It was a very basic and traditional kitchen knife with a hardwood handle. It was made from hard steel as it still retained a fair edge after years without any maintenance. This knife was originally a wedding present and had been her “go to” for their entire marriage. Through bringing up their children, to now being dedicated as being handed down to the next generation. Whilst she was pleased with the quality, this knife held so much meaning to her that she couldn’t replace it. This simple kitchen knife had prepared every meal their family had eaten for 60 years. Their relationship with a simple tool was treasured and irreplaceable.

A quality kitchen knife

We have reached an odd time as a society, household items, clothing and tools are cheap, low quality and disposable. It was expected that your grandparents would own a fridge for over 20 years, it wasn’t an achievement.

We are learning to identify high quality items and investing in these with the trust that they will support us into the future. Items used in these most humble tasks of life are an opportunity to once again treasure the tools we depend on.

As you grow through friendships and family, imagine using a kitchen knife for the majority of your adult life. To be able to hand down to the next generation, to prepare their own meals in a busy and life filled kitchen.

It is important to be present and in the moment, but also spare a thought for the small, intimate details which we overlook on a daily basis and treasure those tools which allow them to be so.

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