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Loki Chef Knife (SOLD)

Loki Chef Knife (SOLD)


A rare opportunity to buy one of our Chef Knives "off the rack" without the lengthy waiting list!


This Loki Chef knife is an extra unique style as it comes with a hand shaped copper bolster, a feature usually unavailable on our standard Loki Chef Knives. Paired with a showstopping piece of Maple Burl wood and mosaic pins this knife is sure to impress, whether a gift for someone else or a well earned gift to yourself. 


See full details below... 


  • What's included?

    The Loki Chef Knife is designed with ease of use in mind, this style makes all of your kitchen tasks seem effortless. The marriage of aesthetics and performance come together to create this eye-catching limited edition range.

    What’s included:

    • 8-inch blade
    • High carbon Swedish stainless steel blade, with Vegvisir (The Viking Compass) acid, etched into the blade
    • Maple Burl wood handle
    • Copper Bolster
    • Mosaic pins
    • Wooden presentation box

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